Take Help of an Immigration Lawyer For Immigration to Canada

There are many people who are interested in immigrating to Canada as this is one country that offers tremendous opportunities and options to explore for new immigrants. People prefer immigration to Canada than other country as it has higher job opportunities for immigrants. In fact, the majority of people come here to work, to start a new life. Plus, this is one country where you will find relatively low degree of racism and discrimination in the society, as people living here are very open minded and they are ready to welcome people from other countries. Most of the privileges extended to Canadian citizens are enjoyed by immigrants. Immigrating to Canada permanently is an exciting opportunity.

Immigration to Canada has a lot of benefits and the Canadian Government encourages it as helps in economic growth and creates cultural diversity and understanding of different nations. After immigration to Canada one gets the right to live and work anywhere in the country. One can think for immigration to Canada along with their other family members, including children.

Immigration to Canada is lengthy process and there are lots of paper works to handle. The easiest way to apply for immigration to Canada is by contacting an immigration Consultant. In Canada, there are many good immigration lawyers who can help you out with visas, work permit, refugee claim and lots more. Immigration lawyers give immigration advice and help to visa applicants, usually for a fee. However, hiring an immigration lawyer is up to you as it is nothing like your application will be given special attention or it will be done faster.

However, there are several things you should consider before hiring an immigration lawyer.

Look for an immigration Consultant recommended by people you trust. In fact, talk to at least two to three potential advisers before selecting one.

Inquire about the training and experience the immigration lawyers have and the areas they expertise.

Hire an immigration Consultant who is a professionally certified licensed member of the ‘Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants’.

Collect information about the services they provide and their fee structure. Get this information in writing.

Avoid hiring immigration lawyers who refuses to answer your questions or are not giving satisfactory answers.

Read the written contract carefully before you sign it. The contract must have all the promised services listed properly and even the fee structure must be clearly set out.

Never leave your original documents required for immigration to Canada with the immigration lawyer.

Before signing up the application form make sure it not blank. If there are some papers or documents that you don’t understand. Keep copies of any documents that are prepared for you safely as you might need it in future.

Ask the immigration lawyer to update you on the status of your application on a regular basis.

Studying the Fiscal Impact of Immigration to Canada

Every country has its own rules and regulations as far as immigration is concerned. Canada, which is one of the most popular destinations in the world, is seeing a few reforms in its immigration rules. The types of immigrants vary a lot. However, the two most commonly seen immigrants to Canada are those who are dependents or family members of professionals working in Canada and those who have been employed by Canadian businesses or companies, owing to their skillset. These immigrants, who largely add to the pool of skilled workers in the country, bringing with them a bit of their own culture, have a great effect on the country.

The fiscal impact of immigration to Canada has been the subject of many different studies. Considering that Canada itself offers assistance and spends on refugees, one can look at it from various viewpoints. If the immigrants are highly educated and pay more taxes than the country actually spends on them, the fiscal impact of immigration is positive. Similarly, when the spending of tax dollars is higher than the income, the fiscal impact is in the negative. There are illegal immigrants, who sometimes lack in education but receive benefits due to their children, thus creating funding issues in some cases. The number of refugees as well as temporary workers arriving at Canada is in the tune of thousands.

Canada is a very interesting case in the world considering that a few years ago, a huge fraction, close to 1/5th, of Canadians weren’t born in Canada. Besides, the population growth contributed by immigrants to Canada is a big number too. The increase in number of immigrants lowers domestic wages because of demand and supply. Some feel there is a negative fiscal impact, because of the flexibility in wages and outsourcing of some of the jobs to foreign nationals imported to fill vacancies, which cause lower productivity.

Replacement migration though is another interesting case. Immigrations to Canada, some feel, should be welcomed, largely because of the aging population in Canada. Although, imported skilled workers positively benefit the labor market, it could work both ways in Canada. The effect could be negative if the immigrants find it hard to adapt and blend into the mainstream. That is why certain reforms have been introduced including the point based system that determines the outcome of immigration applications.

The educational background, age and language proficiency in French and English have become important factors for the success of the immigration application. The expected fiscal impact from immigrants who have an impressive score is positive. One of the most subtle but important factors influencing fiscal impact is the presence of a community. Low skill workers in a large community attract more such immigrants. Similarly, presence of relatives is seen as detrimental to productivity. In both cases, the earnings drop down and the fiscal impact is negative. Immigrants doing poorly might sometimes have a bad fiscal impact on the economy of the country. Although, the financial growth of immigrants is lower compared to the native population, the diversity can help Canada do better at international trade.

The Top Lawyers in Canada

The top lawyers in Canada typically work in the law firms which have offices across the border in the US. Three of these firms are Stikeman Elliot L.L.P., Torys L.L.P. and Blake, Cassels and Graydon L.L.P. While there are many lawyers in the US who are specialists in Canadian law, the same can not be said of Canadian lawyers on the whole.

Top Canadian lawyers work in the fields of finance, business and energy rather than family law. And as the environment and preservation of the wildernesses of Canada is important, many top lawyers are environmental lawyers. Among the best of these is Dianne Saxe who in the Best Lawyers edition of 2010 was listed in the category Best Lawyers in Canada in the specialty of Environmental Law.

Other top lawyers deal with First Nations of Canada and the best of Canada’s lawyers figure prominently in Lexpert, which is the Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory which gives details of Canada’s leading lights in the legal field. Anyone wanting to find the best lawyers in Canada would do well to peruse this directory.

Lawyers who work for the law firm of Stikeman Elliot figure quite highly in this directory several being considered experts in the field of Energy, with Erik Richer La Fl├Ęche recognized in Euromoney’s “Guide to the World’s Leading Project Finance Lawyers” and named as a “leading lawyer” in the project finance sector of the IFLR “Guide to the World’s Leading Financial Law Firms.” He also figures in the International Who’s Who of Public Procurement Lawyers, so he is amongst the best of lawyers in Canada.

Another of Stikeman Elliot’s leading lights is John W. Leopold who is a senior partner of the firm. He is one of the “Thirty Most Influential Private Equity Attorneys” in the world, according to the November 2006 edition of the Private Equity International magazine and the only Canadian lawyer listed in that top thirty.

Many family lawyers across Canada employ female lawyers as a plus point, as do other law firms in many other countries, as it seems that females are thought to be more understanding of family issues than men, or at least it seems that the general public would rather have a female family lawyer than a male one. There are many top female lawyers in Canada who specialize in family law, and looking through the directory mentioned above will help you to find any top lawyer in Canada if you have need of one.

Canada: A Land of Opportunities

Even as Canada is itself an open country for people around the world who are seeking greener pastures and better opportunities, the country has seen the need for the implementation of legal and administrative procedures that immigrants should undertake to comply with before being granted the legal right to stay in Canada.

These procedures, of course, are not meant to make immigration to Canada more difficult for qualified individuals. In fact, it now takes lesser time for an individual to process an application as compared in the past. It is well known that Canada are looking to accommodate individuals who can contribute to its growth as a country with a progressive economy. In return, the country gives limitless opportunities for advancement and growth to such individuals. Needless to say, the most important factor that is given much weight in an application for immigration is an individual’s capacity to have economic stability after settlement in Canada.

For individuals who have a family in Canada, the process of immigration is relatively easy. Sponsorship from an immediate family who already resides in Canada will expedite the process as compared to individuals who are applying on their own. Complete compliance with immigration requirements, however, is a sure way to make one’s dream of immigrating to Canada come true.

Apart from dealing with the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), applicants for immigration to Canada would do well in seeking assistance in the processing of their applications. One such assistance that can benefit an applicant is the services of an immigration lawyer. While it is not specifically required that an applicant should have a lawyer, having one to represent him will make the process more manageable.

How will an immigration lawyer be of possible benefit to an individual who wish to immigrate to Canada? The reasons for this are diverse. Foremost among these is a lawyers clear grasp of the legal ramifications involved in the process of immigration. Because of this, a lawyer is in a position to advise an individual regarding the legal status of his application, take the necessary actions to strengthen an application, and represent an individual in a clear and concise manner, thus giving an edge to the application itself.

In seeking the assistance of an immigration lawyer, one should see to it that he is dealing with a professional who specializes in immigration law specific to the country he wish to immigrate to, as different countries have different immigration policies.

How Immigration Lawyers Help Immigrate to Canada

Thinking about moving to Canada? Maybe you have family there already and want to be closer to them. Canadian immigration is different from most places. They have their federal government, and government of each province. It is important to know all information on each type of immigration status. Immigration lawyers are going to be your best friend. They know all information necessary, and if you happen to get denied they know how to handle that too. While immigrating can be a very complicated procedure, people can become immigrants to the country.

There are three main areas of immigration for the typical family. The first one is the family class sponsorship. This program is for someone who has a relative living in Canada or a citizen there. They must also be willing to sponsor you and be part of this process. You must follow the appropriate application process for this, and can vary on how long it takes to get accepted. The second type is the Provincial Nomination Program. This program is for someone who wants to live in a specific province and one territory. Not all providences are required to accept an immigrant even if they are seeking employment, so make sure you ask a lawyer to check prior to enrollment. The last main type status is the Skilled Worker program. This program offers you several options to choose from such as a Federal skilled worker, Quebec skilled worker, and Provincial Nomination program skilled worker. Each has its own benefits, and want to be chosen carefully to make sure it fits your needs and wants.

Using an immigration lawyer to assist in moving to Canada is extremely important. Lawyers stay on top of any changes made to their policies. They will help fill out all the paperwork needed for immigration, as well as make sure they are filed correctly. One of the added benefits of these lawyers, besides your paper work properly being done, is assisting you if you are denied. They will determine if you should put in a complaint or an appeal based on why you were denied. One of the most valuable benefits of an immigration lawyer is they will get your application turned in, in a timely manner.

Immigrating to Canada is not an easy task, as there are many different categories, programs, and very important information and documentation you need to have the application be accepted for review. Immigration lawyers will make sure all information is correct, for the proper category, and get it in faster than anyone.